P.A.C.E. is the Memorial School’s parent organization.  Through the diligent and effective work of parents, this organization raises thousands of dollars through family donations and fund raising.  The money goes to support enrichment programs in the arts, science, and math.  

The primary mission of P.A.C.E. is to raise funds for projects, programs, speakers or equipment that will enrich students’ educational experience, promote excellence or provide informational resources to their parents.  We strive to provide parents and community members with opportunities to utilize their time and talents as Memorial School volunteers.  We aim to foster a positive working relationship among students, parents, and school personnel.  We strive to conduct research, surveys or evaluation on issues of concern.

Our objective is to fund and support the following programs through donations and fundraising:

1.      Field Trips – we fund 100% of the field trips for each class during the year

2.      Enrichment Programs – we are funding 2 enrichment programs seen by the entire school. 

3.      Events/Family Nights - Kindergarten Social, Family Dance, Talent Show, Book Fairs, BINGO Nights, and Science Fair

4.      Supplemental Educational Enrichment Donation (S.E.E.D.) - mini-grants available to teachers for enrichment of individual classroom curriculums.  


                                     2019-20 P.A.C.E. OFFICERS


Please feel free to contact any of the following officers with any questions throughout the year:

                                                                        Anne Sullivan, President                                           president@pacehopedale.com

                                                                        Sara Al-Haza , Vice President                                   vicepresident@pacehopedale.com

                                                                        Amanda Lind, Treasurer                                            treasurer@pacehopedale.com

                                                                        Jessica Raddi, Secretary                                            secretary@pacehopedale.com

                                                                        Christine Zacchilli, Ways & Means                           waysandmeans1@pacehopedale.com