Science Fair

April 8   Memorial School Gym

Dear Parents & Student Scientists, 

Memorial Elementary P.A.C.E. is proud to present  our annual Science Fair on Friday, April 8, 2016 in the Hopedale Memorial Elementary School's Gym! Experts in the field will be judging and awarding medals for the winners. We hope that, with your enthusiastic encouragement, your child/children will participate in the fair by preparing a project. A general rule of thumb to go by is:

• 4 th -- 6 th graders should be doing almost the entire science project by themselves.

• 2 nd and 3 rd graders should be able to do many parts.

• Kindergarteners and 1 st graders will need help for most of the project.

We are confident the following benefits will result from your child’s participation:

  • Reinforcement of grade level science, literacy and math skills
  • Fostering curiosity, awareness, and creativity
  • Learning research techniques
  • Having fun with science!

In addition to the opportunity to work on a project, the science project allows children to use critical thinking and problem solving skills learned in science and in math.

How to get started? The first thing to do is figure out what you want to find out. What are you interested in? Electricity? Magnets? Bugs? Slime? Mold? Weather? Focus on what you love to do most and have a fun, curious attitude. Once you have that down, it’s time for the fun stuff—research, questions, experimenting, and results.

A great website to go to for ideas is

Attached is a Science Fair Project Selection Form. Please complete the form with your child and return it the school by February 1. Due to limited space this year, the projects will be accepted up to the maximum first come first serve. You are welcome to do the project with a partner. Just designate both names on one form. After your child selects their “project type” of collection, invention, research project or experiment use the links below for their appropriate packet to download to use for instructions.

We look forward to your participation! Please contact or if you have any questions.

“Science is not merely a collection of facts printed in an encyclopedia. It is a living adventure of the human spirit.” _(Source unknown).



research project



Scoring Rubrics



Scoring rubric for Research Project

Scoring rubric for experiment